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2401, 2022

Keck + Wood Celebrates Community Development Promotions

January 24th, 2022|News, State Roads, Transportation Planning|

With the continual need for quality engineering service within our communities, Keck + Wood has experienced ongoing, strong growth in our Community Development Practice throughout the southeast. We are excited to announce the promotions of Greg Sistrunk, PE – Vice President & Community Development Georgia Market Leader, Tripp Barrineau, PLA – Landscape Architecture Sub Market Leader, and Robert Renwick, PE - Senior Project Manager.  Greg Sistrunk, PE - VP - [...]

1701, 2022

Keck + Wood Transportation Grows with Key Promotions

January 17th, 2022|News, State Roads, Transportation Planning|

With the strong growth in our Transportation Practice, Keck + Wood is pleased to announce the promotions of Clay Smith, PE to Vice President – Traffic Market Leader and Alex Simmons to Associate Vice President - Traffic Operations Sub Market Leader. Clay Smith, PE has been serving clients for more than 10 years. He contributes to the engineering profession through his involvement in associations such as The Institute of Transportation [...]

2012, 2021

Nathan Park Joins Keck + Wood as Senior Traffic Technician

December 20th, 2021|News, Transportation Planning|

We are pleased to announce that Nathan Park has joined Keck + Wood to serve clients in K+W’s Traffic Engineering Sector as a Senior Traffic Technician. Nathan’s 20+ years of signalization experience stems from the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of traffic signal equipment. This varied experience will be very beneficial to local and state governments in navigating through the complexities of traffic projects. “Nathan brings a new set of skills [...]

312, 2021

College Avenue Improvement Project Featured in Storm Water Solutions Magazine

December 3rd, 2021|News|

Keck & Wood was recently featured in the November 2021 issue of Storm Water Solutions magazine for our work on the College Avenue Improvement project in Rock Hill, South Carolina. This project was completed to help mitigate issues with downstream flooding and erosion that the City of Rock Hill was experiencing. Matt Crawford was the Design Engineer on the project and worked with the City to develop the best plan [...]

2807, 2021

Pedestrian Safety and Beautification Breaks Ground in Doraville, Georgia

July 28th, 2021|News|

(DULUTH, GEORGIA) The City of Doraville broke ground today on the $3.0M New Peachtree Road Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Project to revitalize New Peachtree Road and three intersections including Park Avenue. This project will provide safety for pedestrians, as well as much needed landscape buffers and beautification features to accentuate this growing part of the city. “I am happy we are finally starting this streetscape initiative that was first envisioned [...]

2106, 2021

Important Roadways in United States History

June 21st, 2021|News|

Many important roadways that people travel today began as trails traversed by horse and wagon. As the United States grew and expanded westward, and as first bicycles and then automobiles took to the roads, many of those transportation routes transformed into significant highways, thanks to the design work and execution by the civil engineers on the job. Take a look at these 6 famous roads that were important roads in [...]

3005, 2021

Why Water Treatment is Important and How it Works

May 30th, 2021|News|

Safe and readily available water is the backbone of healthy communities and thriving economies. Contaminated water and poor sanitation are linked to polio, typhoid, hepatitis A, cholera, dysentery, and diarrhea, with studies revealing that over 19 million Americans get sick every year from drinking contaminated water. Whether used for domestic use, drinking, recreational purposes, or food production, better-managed water resources boost a country's health, economic growth and immensely reduce poverty. [...]

2004, 2021

Earth Day Celebration – How Civil Engineers Help the Environment

April 20th, 2021|News|

Earth Day was first created to raise awareness that there are finite resources on the earth and that human activity can destroy the delicate natural balance of the planet. In the 1960s, Americans were becoming more aware of how pollution impacts the environment. Silent Spring by Rachel Carson (1962) reported the effect of pesticides on the countryside. In 1969, the Cuyahoga River caught fire due to chemical pollution. U.S. Sen. [...]

2403, 2021

How Greenways and Trails Are Planned

March 24th, 2021|News|

Greenways and trails are essential parts of the green infrastructure network, delivering connections that tie communities together. They create a fabric of alternative transportation for bicyclists and pedestrians that often avoid all conflicts with vehicular traffic. Trails and Greenways are often treated as links to various destinations, but they also act as accessible amenities that provide a source for exercise and connect individuals to the outdoors and nature. As a [...]

812, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide for Civil Engineers

December 8th, 2020|News|

Christmas is right around the corner and gifts are flying off of the shelves. For those of us lucky enough to have a civil engineer as a family member, dearest friend, boss, or co-worker, it can be difficult to decide on the right gift for one of the best minds in the world. Civil engineers play critical roles in designing and building airports, dams, roadways, waterways, and many other infrastructures. [...]

Thought Leadership Through Technical Expertise

The Keck & Wood professionals are continually developing beneficial solutions for clients’ projects. Sometimes these solutions challenge the typical norm of engineering and planning, or reinforce the basic foundations of the practice. Either way, the stories shown below emphasize the Thought Leadership role our team provides clients and the marketplace a daily basis.

1108, 2021

Navigating The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

August 11th, 2021|Technical Expertise|

The American Rescue Plan Act provides opportunities for communities to obtain funding to help reverse the devastating economic effects of COVID.   While the bill provides assistance for many different avenues for local governments to firm up and bolster their workforce training, education, broadband, and small business support; the act also provides the opportunity to invest in water-related infrastructure projects. These projects can include constructing publicly owned treatment infrastructure, managing [...]

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