Stormwater Drainage Design

Responsible Stewardship Starts with Smart Design

Our clients are experiencing ever-increasing regulatory and social pressure to be good stewards of our water resources. There is also tremendous pressure on financial resources to do what is needed to be in regulatory compliance and protect the environment. We must be innovative to help our clients achieve proper management of both natural and man-made stormwater infrastructure. Keck & Wood staff works hand in hand with our clients to assess needs, document compliance, and complete projects that help them get the most value for their stormwater budgets.

Services Include:

• Grant Funding Application Assistance
• Green Infrastructure and LID Design
• Floodplain Analysis & Mapping
• FEMA Studies & Permitting
• Culvert & Bridge Hydraulics
• Scour Calculations
• Sediment & Erosion Control BMP Design
• Master Planning

• Stormwater Utility Development
• Field Inspections
• System Mapping
• NPDES/MS4 Consulting
• Development Plans Review
• Stream Restoration
• Water Quality BMP Design