Community Planning

Defining A Path For Your Community

Community planning is a process for determining how a specific community or geographic location will evolve over time; what it will look like, how it will foster economic growth, what types of amenities do residents and visitors want? What is its future path?

Establish the Needs of a Community:

Our planners work with community stakeholders to help guide these conversations through an iterative process to help mold the consensus of the community into actionable items. Some of these conversation center around where people will reside, guide the growth of industry, create vibrant commercial areas, protect what cultural elements the community holds close, and how residents gather to recreate and celebrate.

Plan Development:

The Keck & Wood methodology is for our planning team to work through an all-encompassing process which builds a vision that is tested and improved over time through public interactions, town hall meetings, and other forums where the community gets to voice its’ opinion. This complex effort is then translated into workable strategies that are refined and published.

Community plans such as Livable Center Initiatives (LCI’s) Unified Development Codes (UDC), and Comprehensive Plans (CP) should focus on the unique attributes of the community and the people who live there and support it. Each plan is unique, there is no single solution for every community.

Opportunities to Build Through Funding:

These plans are the catalyst that enables communities to apply for capitol to complete planned projects, such as national grants, low interest loans, bonds or special purpose sales taxes allocated to build out the plan. So, it’s imperative to develop plans that are robust to address growth and change, and practical enough to be achievable.

Our Mission:

Our mission at Keck & Wood is to build a planning process that the public understands; a process where everyone is heard, and where everyone has an equal right and access to contribute in the process. Our team of planners, engineers and landscape architects strive to develop vibrant plans that just doesn’t sit on a shelf. We craft plans that become well referenced, are able to receive funding, and can implemented for years to come.

Our Planning Services:

Comprehensive Planning

  • Livable Center Initiatives (LCI) Studies
  • Land Use Planning
  • Community Engagement
  • Public Participation Facilitation
  • Corridor Studies
  • Unified Development Code

Parks & Recreation

  • Pedestrian & Bicycle Facilities
  • Parks & Recreation Planning
  • Multi-Use Trails

Zoning & Community

  • Urban Design & Infill
  • Zoning Ordinances
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Planning & Zoning Issues
  • Parking Demand Analysis
  • Master Planning
  • Transportation Planning
  • Streetscape Planning & Design
  • GIS Mapping & Analysis
  • Funding & Grant Research & Administration

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