Wastewater Treatment Plant Design and Collection Systems

From Refuse Back to Priceless Resource

Out of sight and out of mind. Most people don’t want to see, hear, or smell wastewater infrastructure, much less think about the incredible amount of work and money it takes to operate and maintain such systems. Our wastewater clients provide an invaluable service to their communities by properly collecting and treating wastewater and returning this valuable water resource back to nature. Keck & Wood has been collaborating with our wastewater system clients for decades to plan, design, and build the critical wastewater infrastructure their communities need to thrive.

Services Include:

• Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants
• Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants
• Membrane Filtration Systems
• Water Reuse Systems
• Sludge Handling, Dewatering, and Disposal
• System Master Planning
• Preliminary Engineering Reports
• Funding Application Assistance
• NPDES Permitting
• BioWin Modeling

• Pumping Station Design & Rehabilitation
• Force Main Design
• Low Pressure Systems
• Collection System Rehabilitation
• Jack & Bore / Directional Drilling
• Odor Control
• Inflow & Infiltration Analysis
• Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Studies (SSES)
• Flow Monitoring & Metering