Christmas is right around the corner and gifts are flying off of the shelves. For those of us lucky enough to have a civil engineer as a family member, dearest friend, boss, or co-worker, it can be difficult to decide on the right gift for one of the best minds in the world.

Civil engineers play critical roles in designing and building airports, dams, roadways, waterways, and many other infrastructures. This takes smart individuals with advanced knowledge in math and logical minds. Giving a gift to a civil engineer can require some thought. So, we’ve put together a list of some of the most unique items we could find that we know the civil engineer in your life will enjoy.

mechanical safe


Moving Mechanical Safe Kit

This mechanical safe kit is great for someone who loves building things and solving problems. The kit comes with a three-digit combination safe which you have to build with the included 179 pieces. Then you can challenge yourself or a friend to crack the safe with the customizable combination lock. This is a gift any civil engineer will find intriguing!

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Blueprint coasters

Blue Bird’s Eye View Coasters

There is no single civil engineer who doesn’t enjoy well-designed blueprints. So this Custom Blue Print Coaster set is sure to make them smile! This coaster set is completely customizable to show your favorite address, neighborhood, town or even state on 4 tumbled marble coasters. You can even include an optional display stand so they can really highlight these custom coasters in their homes. These are a great option for a personalized gift!

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Architect's CubesArchitect’s Cubes

The collection entails eight cubes created from different natural and composite materials including: maple wood, bakelite, cork, granite, EVA, silicone, acrylic, and aluminum. By giving this to a civil engineer, you present a thoughtful way of letting them explore form and materials through the combination of the cubes. They can use them to form a single sculptural block or display them individually. Either way, this gift is sure to appeal to any engineer’s aesthetic taste.

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Bridges book


Bridges: A History of the World’s Most Spectacular Spans

This book written by Judith Dupré is a chronological tour of some of the most spectacular bridges in the world. It covers a thousand years of architectural history in beautiful color photography with detailed descriptions. The Engineer in your life will surely appreciate reading about the milestones we have made in bridge-building technology with this revised and updated edition of Bridges. The book features both traditional and modern bridges, such as the Brooklyn Bridge in New York and Dany-and-Kunshan Grand Bridge in China. Any civil engineer will enjoy looking at these artistic works of engineering history.

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drafting pencilDrafting Mechanical Pencil

The Ohto Promecha 1500P is a professional drafting/drawing pencil that would definitely be a worthwhile gift for your civil engineer friend this festive season. This pencil is highly customizable including being able to adjust the lead sleeve from 0mm to 4mm by simply twisting the grip. With a full aluminum body and removable clip, you can be assured this is a gift that any engineer will put to use in their daily life.

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Tesla Patent Prints


Tesla Wall Art

Every civil engineer will appreciate this set of six digitally-remastered vintage Tesla Patent Prints. This gift comes in a variety of sizes to fit your needs and is sure to make a great, unique home decor gift. You can even choose the main color in these prints, making them an even more personalized gift for the engineer in your life.

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weatherproof notebooksWeatherproof Spiral Notebooks

Every Engineer needs a few good notebooks in their life. Because these spiral-bound notebooks are weatherproof, they are perfect for anyone who has to bring their work with them into the elements. This 3 pack of notebooks are spiral-bound and include 100 pages each.  They are also completely recyclable, unlike other weatherproof options, which is great for environmentally conscious people!

This gift will be very useful for the civil engineer you’re gifting to and a great way to show them you understand what they go through on their job.

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graphing calculator


HP Prime Graphing Calculator

Civil engineers spend a lot of time in their career engaging in graphical analysis, interpretations, and advanced math calculations. That’s why the next time you’re picking a gift for your engineer friend or relative, you could decide on a present that will also help them to function effectively.

The greatest gift to give to someone is something that makes their work easier. The HP Prime Graphing Calculator definitely fits the bill with its wide variety of features, including RPN. This calculator is sure to be a winning gift.

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droneSite Monitoring Drone

A drone is a super cool gift that will not only impress your civil engineering friend but also make them feel special. This drone features a 1080P HD camera, WiFi for live video, an auto return home feature, an altitude hold feature, and a carrying case for all the gear.

This gift will give your engineer the ability to monitor the sites they are in charge of remotely, a feature that will help improve efficiency.

And since most engineers possess great passion for tech, you can rest assured they will like the gift.

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Before you Leave

While a lot of people view civil engineers as geeks who have complicated tastes, they really aren’t that difficult to buy for if you know where to look.  We hope that by using our holiday gift guide you’ll be able to give gifts that will make people smile and leave a lasting impression in their lives. Happy Holidays!