MS4 Consulting
Lancaster, SC

Client Name:

Lancaster County

Project Type:

Stormwater Management

Services Provided:

Planning, Ordinance Development, Storm Water Master Plan Devevelopment, NOI Development, System Mapping, Plan Review
MS4 Consulting
Keck & Wood was selected to assist Lancaster County with setting up their Small Municipal Separate Stormwater System program as required by the EPA and SCDHEC. To date, Keck & Wood has developed the County’s Stormwater Master Plan and submitted the required Notice of Intent to SCDHEC. This document has been approved and Keck & Wood has begun assisting the county with implementing the required minimum measures outlined in the Master Plan. In conjunction with this effort, Keck & Wood is also currently assisting the county with setting up a stormwater utility, as well as mapping the existing stormwater conveyance systems within the regulated portions of the county.