Knowledge Park Sewer Outfall
Rock Hill, SC

Client Name:

City of Rock Hill, SC

Project Type:

Wastewater Collection

Services Provided:

Planning, Land Surveying, Detailed Construction Documents, Permitting, Bidding, Construction Administration
Knowledge Park Sewer Outfall
Keck & Wood was hired by the City of Rock Hill to analyze and replace aging gravity sewer infrastructure along an outfall that serves the Knowledge Park area of the city. Keck & Wood designed and permitted 2,350 feet of 18-inch, 641 feet of 12-inch, and 3,145 feet of 8-inch ductile iron gravity sewer so that the city could abandon approximately 11,500 feet of gravity sewer ranging from 18 inches to 6 inches, as well as 60 manholes that were in poor condition. Portions of the design in highly developed areas were very challenging, with many obstacles including drainage structures, roadways and other adjacent utilities. The project was bid in September 2013 with an awarded construction contract amount of $1,282,000.