SR11 / US129 Bridge Replacement over East Fork Little River
Hall County, GA

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State Roads

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Concept Validation, Database Preparation, Environmental Documentation, Preliminary Roadway & Bridge Design, SUE Services, Geotechnical Services, Right of Way Plans, Final Roadway and Bridge Construction Plans
SR11 / US129 Bridge Replacement over East Fork Little River
As the prime consultant, Keck & Wood provided the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) project management and roadway design services for a new 661 feet long two-lane bridge over the East Fork Little River and Lake Lanier. Project included roadway improvements north and south of the bridge for a total distance of approximately 0.7 miles. As the Project Manager, K&W managed multiple consultants that provided environmental studies and documentation, bridge design, field surveying, mapping, subsurface utility locating, existing pavement evaluation, soils survey, Bridge Foundation Investigation Report and Underground Storage Tank and Hazardous Waste Report. The project also involved extensive coordination with the USA Corps of Engineers due to the bridge crossing over Lake Lanier.