Employee Experience

The Employee Experience

Open, caring, positive, collaborative. That’s how employees consistently describe the environment at Keck & Wood. They’re also the qualities we believe are essential for professional growth and personal satisfaction.

Keck & Wood offers civil engineers, landscape architects, and land surveyors of all experience levels the opportunity to make a lasting and positive mark not just on the communities and clients we serve but on the careers of our colleagues. We do this through our mentoring program, Lunch & Learns, and a culture of collaboration that promotes the open sharing of ideas.

If this sounds like the right environment for you, we encourage you to check out our open positions and excellent benefits package.

In Order to Flourish, You Need the Right Environment

“At a larger firm you are just a small cog in the company. You also have a higher likelihood of being pigeonholed into a specific job. At Keck & Wood, you can be involved in many different types of projects both large and small. You also have the opportunity to be involved from the very beginning of the project all the way through completion and construction. It is very satisfying to have played such a large roll in a project.”

John P., PE, Project Manager

“We offer the opportunity to build the skills that will help you grow your career. You will be challenged and mentored. What you do and learn will prepare you for the PE Exam and build the skills for taking the role as Project Manager. “

Jamie B, PE, Associate Vice President, Senior Project Manager